Kafka Ganglia Metrics Reporter
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Kafka Ganglia Metrics Reporter

This is a simple reporter for kafka using the GangliaReporter. It works with kafka 0.8 beta version.

Install On Broker

  1. Build the kafka-ganglia-1.0.0.jar jar using mvn package.
  2. Add kafka-ganglia-1.0.0.jar and metrics-ganglia-2.2.0.jar to the libs/ directory of your kafka broker installation
  3. Configure the broker (see the configuration section below)
  4. Restart the broker


Edit the server.properties file of your installation, activate the reporter by setting:


Here is a list of default properties used:

# This can be use to exclude some metrics from ganglia 
# since kafka has quite a lot of metrics, it is useful
# if you have many topics/partitions.
kafka.ganglia.metrics.exclude.regex=<not set>

Usage As Lib

Simply build the jar and publish it to your maven internal repository (this package is not published to any public repositories unfortunately).