Collection of Capistrano recipes for deployment and server tasks
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Thunder Punch

Collection of Capistrano recipes for deployment and other server tasks.

NOTE: Version 0.1.0 represents a breaking change from 0.0.14 and below. See CHANGELOG for details.


  • Capistrano >=2.5.5 (not compatible with Capistrano 3)


  • In Gemfile
  gem 'capistrano', '~> 2.15.5'
  gem 'thunder_punch', '~> 0.1.0'

Simple setup

  • In config/deploy.rb
  # deploy recipes - these should be required at the very bottom of deploy.rb
  require 'thunder_punch'
  # optional recipes that you want to make use of go here...
  require 'thunder_punch/recipes/passenger'
  require 'thunder_punch/recipes/thinking_sphinx'

Complex setup


Assets recipe

  • In order to use the assets recipes you'll need to copy the two files in files/assets into their appropriate places. See the comments at the top of each file for where to place them.
  • Once the files are copied you can use assets:precompile_if_needed for fast deploys that only precompile assets when it's neccessary.


By creating a central and organized system for our tasks we can reduce the content in our deploy.rb files to be project specific and make the addition of new tasks easy and compatible.

Name Origin

"Thunder Punch" was a version of the He-Man action figure from the original 1980s Masters of the Universe toy line. Ring caps were placed in a "backpack" integrated into the figure, which contained the striking mechanism for the caps (as well as tiny vents to allow smoke from a triggered cap to escape). This mechanism was triggered by drawing the figure's spring-loaded right arm back and releasing it to swing forward; the explosion of the cap was intended to simulate a thunderous noise caused by the supposed superhuman power of the character's punch. [via wikipedia]

Because this collection of recipes is for Capistrano and run with the cap command - this seemed a good name, sans the thunderous noise of course (this was found to be disrupting in work environments and cafes).


Copyright (c) 2010-2014 Critical Juncture, released under the MIT license