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CMF MES HTML Starter Repository

html-starter is the base of any CMF MES HTML Graphical User Interface customization project. This repository is meant to be a quick and easy way of getting started with CMF MES GUI customization, by providing a basic structure for the project and all the recommended tooling.

Before you start

Make sure:

  • node@8.x+ and npm@5.x+ are installed;
  • You have access to the Critical Manufacturing Setup with the version of the HTML5 you want to customize;

Getting Started

  1. Pre-install the following npm packages globally:
npm install -g gulp
npm install -g yo
  1. Clone this repository into your repository root.

  2. Edit the package.json file and replace the name and description of the package.

  3. Run:

npm install

Additional Information

This package was developed during the UX-FAB: Universal Experience for Advanced Fabs project.