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Commits on Mar 13, 2012
  1. @samirahmed

    Corrected git clone line

    samirahmed committed
    and removed excessive spacing.
  2. @samirahmed

    Merge pull request #4 from benvd/master

    samirahmed committed
    Thanks for the pull! Looks like this works, will pull
  3. @benvd

    Fix copying a command to the clipboard on Linux.

    benvd committed
    subprocess.Popen expects a sequence of program arguments. We split the commands using shlex, as the offical Python docs suggest. (
  4. @samirahmed


    samirahmed committed
  5. @samirahmed

    Fixed Error Index number bug.

    samirahmed committed
    removed the .lower()
    that appeared to causing an error...
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
  1. @samirahmed

    Updated the README

    samirahmed committed
    Includes wiki and more..
  2. @samirahmed

    Added MIT License

    samirahmed committed
Commits on Mar 11, 2012
  1. @samirahmed

    edited gitignore

    samirahmed committed
  2. @samirahmed

    Added gitignore

    samirahmed committed
  3. @samirahmed

    Version 0.1.1, Add quick clipboard support

    samirahmed committed -> Added support for "fu 1" for quick copy to clipboard
    fu -> removed file after installation (in make process) -> bumped version number
Commits on Mar 9, 2012
  1. @samirahmed

    Polished directory names/ makefile

    samirahmed committed
    Change the record file from
    	build/files.txt -> installRecords.txt
    incase there is no build folder
    Changed to fu folder to src. for ease of navigation for anybody new
    looking at the code.
  2. @samirahmed

    Reformatted packages for managing with

    samirahmed committed : Thanks to Tom H.Miller from googlecl project
    the is working and is easy to working with.
    Moved all the helper files away from the script (
    The helperfiles went into the lib package in site the fu folder
    The test files too.
    There is a little md5 check to ensure that we are copyin the right
    files over.
    The setup will install a command called fu in your local bin dir
    and save a record of the installed files to build/files.txt
    this might have to be changed in the future.
    Makefile : updated to smooth the install and uninstall process
    sudo make install - installs and records the install files
    sudo make uninstall - unistall will pipe record to rm and remove files
  3. @samirahmed

    Integrated parts together

    samirahmed committed
    Integrated, colors, config, platform and api
    into the
    [] Updated commandline args to support
    -n : number of results to display
    -c : index of result to copy
    -o : index of result url to open
    Added three functions to deal with, three possible commands
    do_open: creates, instance of system and opens specified url
    do_copy: creates, copies to system clipboard
    search: creates instance of api and performs search and display,
    	returns results
    Currently the main function is the only function with access to the dotfile
Commits on Mar 4, 2012
  1. @samirahmed

    removed empty file

    samirahmed committed
  2. @samirahmed

    Modularized the Script and Added tests

    samirahmed committed
    The package now includes
 : (rename from This is the main script
    			This has been untouched for the most part A wrapper for the commandlinefu api : A collection of static methods for adding color
    			to terminal print outs : A class for managing dotfiles associated with fu
    Added the Test folder and the following tests
    	api_test : simulates and api call and prints output
    	dotfile_test: deletes current dotfile, creates a new one
    	              loads the sample.json file and goes through
    								saving and reading from the dotfile
    	color_test : Calls terminalcolors testAll method
    	platform_test: Test the clipboard functionality
    Other files
    	test/Makefile : a make file for automating the testing
    	info.txt : A overview of how to run the test
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @samirahmed

    Created API class

    samirahmed committed is a class that is made to abstract
    the API calls and printing of the json away from
    the user.
    Added a test/ and for testing py
    Integrate the colors in their a little bit
    Trivial Changes
    -Added make file for cleaning up dir
    -removed in root dir
    -renamed packates to lowercase starting
  2. @samirahmed

    New Branch

    samirahmed committed
    Working -> Created a new branch to work on new features
    - terminalcolors is a simple class with ansi color characters
    to format printing in color to the terminal. This will be used to
    highlight search terms.
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. @samirahmed
  2. @samirahmed

    Added command line arguments

    samirahmed committed
    Cleaned up the structure and functions
    Supports new command line arguments
    -v or --verbose : if verbose, show all information about the results
    -c or --count  : specify how many results to display
    -a or --all 	 : show all results ... will override count
    Used python argparse to parse the command line inputs
    Changed the requests to json rather than plaintext,
    Failed to integrate the interactive mode -
    	copy AND execute command ...
    	tried both Tk() . clipboard_append()
    	and os.system(<command>)
    Might try to do that next time
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
  1. @samirahmed

    fixed links on the

    samirahmed committed
  2. @samirahmed

    Added simple working script

    samirahmed committed
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