Simple flask webservice to convert mov files to mp4 using ffmpeg in a container
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This is a very simple proof of concept web service for converting short *.mov files to *.mp4 files.


  • docker
  • a heroku account to deploy

Getting Started

If you have make installed:


make build


make run

If you don't have make, see the command line invocations you need to run to complete these steps in the Makefile


For this very simple project, I chose to deploy to heroku. It's pretty much zero configuration, though it does require your Dockerfile to be written in a certain way. It also requires the heroku-cli. Once you have that though, it's very simple to deploy.

If you have an authenicated heroku account and have already run heroku apps:create <your application name goes here>:

heroku container:push <your application name goes here>,

Thats it!