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An online boosting algorithm which mixes SmoothBoost with
"Learning from Expert Advice" from Chen '12.
from random import random
from collections import defaultdict
from osboost import OSBooster
def choose(p):
r = random()
n = len(p)
p /= sum(p)
cdf = 0.0
for i in range(n):
cdf += p[i]
if r < cdf:
return i + 1
return n
class EXPBooster(OSBooster):
def update(self, features, label):
beta = 0.5
exp_predict = 0.0
for i, learner in enumerate(self.learners):
exp_predict += learner.predict(features)
if exp_predict * label <= 0:
self.alpha[i] *= beta
super(EXPBooster, self).update(features, label)
def predict(self, features):
k = choose(self.alpha)
label_weights = defaultdict(int)
for i in range(k):
label = self.learners[i].predict(features)
label_weights[label] += self.alpha[i]
return max(label_weights.iterkeys(), key=(lambda key: label_weights[key]))