Powershell package manager - inspired by Vundle for Vim
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PSUNDLE - The 'P' is silent 'cuz it's fancy!

Psundle is a powershell implementation of a package manager similar to Vundle. Psundle uses github as the repository for powershell modules. Psundle will automatically load psundle modules when psundle itself is loaded into a powershell session.

Psundle is dumb, meaning it cannot distinguish github repos which are powershell modules from other repos. You must exercise due dilligence and make sure you are installing valid and trusted powershell modules.


iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/crmckenzie/psundle/master/tools/install.ps1'))

In your powershell profile, make sure you Import-Module Psundle. Your powershell profile is located at $env:UserProfile/Documents/WindowsPowershell/Profile.ps1.

What's wrong with PsGet?

Nothing. PsGet is great. However, not every powershell module can be made public, and not every powershell module developer goes through the process of registering their modules at PsGet. Psundle bypasses all of that and lets you install any powershell module you like as long as it's hosted on github.

The Future of Psundle

If there is interest in Psundle, I'd like to add

  • support for alternative source control systems
  • support selecting specific versions of the module by release or commit


git must be installed and available in $env:PATH

Installing a module

Install-PsundleModule "owner" "repo"

This command is equivalent to

git clone http://github.com/owner/repo.git "$env:UserProfile/Documents/WindowsPowershell/Modules/.psundle/repo"

Import-Module "$env:UserProfile/Documents/WindowsPowershell/Modules/.psundle/repo/repo.psm1" -Global

Example Powershell Modules

For examples of powershell modules that are compatible with Psundle, see

Module Description
ChefDk Powershell Tools for ChefDk
Ruby Ruby tools (including version switcher) for Windows
VSCX Visual Studio Community Extensions for Powershell