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USB Mass Storage with Network based on a RaspberryPiZeroW

The idea behind this project is to have a USB mass storage device that is network accessible. The PiZW will emulate a USB mass storage device using it's USB OTG port. The USB connection of the PiZW will be plugged into something like a SmartTV, the SmartTV will just see a USB flash drive. The neat thing is that you can transfer files to that flash drive from your computer without physically unplugging the PiZW.

[SmartTV] - USB - [PiZW-USBNETSTORE] - WiFi - desktop computer

This works like in the following:

  • plug PiZW into target device
  • ssh user@PiZW -C su -c /usr/sbin/usbstorage.sh start (PiZW is recognized as a USB device)
  • ssh user@PiZW -C su -c /usr/sbin/usbstorage.sh stop (USB device is disconnected)
  • scp file.avi user@PiZW:/mnt (copy avi file into the flash partition)
  • ssh user@PiZW -C su -c /usr/sbin/usbstorage.sh start (PiZW is recognized as a USB device)


Get Buildroot 2018.02 from https://buildroot.org/download.html

checkout this repository

mkdir out
cd out
make O=$PWD -C ../buildroot/ BR2_EXTERNAL=../usbnetstore/ rbpizw_usbnetstore_defconfig

Install on SD card

cd images
dd if=sdcard.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 (adjust for your SD card)

Now you just need to create a data partition using the leftover space on the SD card.


Adjust /etc/wpa_supplicate.conf for your Wifi network

Adjust /etc/network/interfaces for your network

You can do this before building in usbnetstore/board/raspberrypi0w/rootfs_overlay or from a console (if you have a monitor and keyboard attached to your PiZW)


root has no password

user account 'user' with password 'rpzwusbnet'