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Template for Codrops demo with article template
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How to use this template:

  • The general styles for the demo page are in css/demo.css and the styles for the component go into css/component.css
  • If there are more demos, call the files index.html, index2.html, index3.html etc. and link to them from the "codrops-demos" nav
  • Add JS files to a folder called "js"
  • The can be used to add licensing information of resources used
  • For writing the tutorial, take a look at some guidelines in article.html
  • Delete this 'how to' in the final version and leave the following (fill in title/description and credits):

The Title

Description, author

Article on Codrops



Integrate or build upon it for free in your personal or commercial projects. Don't republish, redistribute or sell "as-is".

Read more here: License


third party resources

Font Awesome created by Dave Gandy. License: Font Awesome license information.


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