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Hello is a Ruby interface to a collection of the word “hello” in many languages and dialects.

I wrote it for Flickr-style messages after users sign in to a web application:

>> Hello.random
=> "Wushiwushi"

By default, the word you get is time-neutral and religious-neutral. It is intended to be directed at one person of any gender or any age. The “hello” may be formal or informal.

Expand the list of "hello"s by gender:

Hello.random(:gender => :male)
Hello.random(:gender => :female)

Expand the list of "hello"s by time of day:

Hello.random(:time => :morning)
Hello.random(:time => :afternoon)
Hello.random(:time => :evening)

Or combine them:

Hello.random(:time => :morning, :gender => :female)

Adjustments to the list are… welcome.