Laravel + CRUD Generator Package, Make a Web Application Just In Minutes, With Less Code and Less Step !
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CRUDBOOSTER 5.3 - Laravel CRUD Generator

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Laravel CRUD Generator, Make a Web Application Just In Minutes, Even With Less Code and fewer Steps !

CRUDBooster is Laravel Framework that modified to bring a lot of features to develop a web application so simply. One of the main features is Smart CRUD Generator, so CRUDBooster will create a module automatically included Create, Read, Update, Delete standard function. And CRUDBooster is not usual CRUD Generator,you will get a lot of new experience with a new concept. CRUD Booster is dedicated to those who already understand the basic laravel. We do not recommend for those of you who have never used laravel altogether.

Getting Started & Documentation


All of issues and new feature request, please create an issue at GitHub, please do not send an email or Private Message to us.


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  4. Laravel Framework by Taylor Otwell