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a game by Marty Taylor

What is this?

Some years ago I was playing Minecraft and I generated a world that dropped in me in a large archipelago (I believe the seed was Wikipedia, for those interested in it.) Anyway, from that day I had this vague idea for a game where you could explore different islands, each one being different. This game is getting me closer to that goal.

Are there bugs? Is it finished?

There are tons of bugs and it is by no means finished. I just thought this would be a nice way to track its progress. It may never be finished (somewhat in the vein of Dwarf Fortress).


Creative Commons (CC BY). If you're gonna do something with it, tell me, because that's the cool thing to do.

How to Run:

  • Compile: javac Items/*/*.java && javac */*.java && javac
    • Note: I'm working on a makefile
  • Run: java Runner