Tool for generation of data from cryptoprimitives (block and stream ciphers, hash functions). Cryptoprimitives are round-reduced and the data can be configured for multiple testing scenarios.
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Give me the data, I do not want to run anything. See the files and notes.

I want to run it myself, but no compilation. See latest release and follow simple instructions.

I am a developer, I want to join. Great, please contact us (Petr). For the begining, the requirements are gcc5 (clang3.6), git and cmake 3.4.

For more information and details see project wiki pages.


The framework is developed at the Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security (formerly Laboratory of Security and Applied Cryptography), Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.

  • Radka Cieslarová 2015-now (heatmaps ‒ fine-grained function reduction)

  • Michal Hajas 2015-now (generator ‒ PRNG, tests)

  • Dušan Klinec 2017-now (large number of cryptoprimitives)

  • Karel Kubíček 2014-now (initial idea, block ciphers, main developer)

  • Tamás Rózsa 2017-now (older cryptoprimitives, visualisation)

  • Petr Švenda 2008-now (project lead, initial implementation)

  • Ondrej Dubovec 2011-2012 (SHA-3 candidates)

  • Jiří Novotný 2014-2017 (build system, core library)

  • Matěj Prišťák 2011-2012 (eStream candidates testing)

  • Martin Ukrop 2012-2016 (SHA-3 & CAESAR candidates)

EACirc developers:

  • EACirc developers ‒ EACirc is randomness testing tool. We use it to test randomness property of cryptographic function. The implementation of the Generator comes from EACirc implementation.