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= WBP =

This project aims to create a complete Blogs' Planetarium (as http://planet-php.net/)
from your Wordpress blog. Easy to configure.

== How to install == 

Download the package, uncompress into your plugin folder, enable the plug in and
configure it.

== How to crawl? ==

At this moment you should have console access to your server and setup a cron
job to your site.

I.E: suppose the WP is installed in /var/www/wp/

php /var/www/wp/index.php

I am working on a better crawling system, probably it will finished for tomorrow.

== Important == 

This script is was writting by me (crodas) in about 2 hours, probably it has some
bugs, please report it to http://cesar.la/wbp, 

I will do my best to growth this project.