THIS PROJECT IS SCRAPED! Integration of shared xml editing with pidgin's jabber protocol
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Pidgin/Jabber Support for Whiteboarding using shared XML objects


Pidgin presently supports a basic support for Yahoo! Doodling, and has code hooked for slic10 protocol too.[ Haven't checked out it's workability ]. Jabber protocol runs the most used IM service, GoogleTalk, which is true for some geographical parts, including, INDIA, from where we have decided to implement the same in Pidgin.

This project involves building a basic implementation of the protocol specified in,, using the SVG graphics specified in, Both together defines the standards for our work.

We hope to provide the following features:

* Simple whiteboarding drawing Lines, Polygons, Circles and Free Curves.
* Fancy Texting
* Image Sending

This will provide users with a more enriching experience.


We are a group of three students from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur[ India ].It was my idea to implement the whiteboard, I strongly feel that Open Source can be great when you are clear with the idea[ in short don't need a software consultant telling you what you tell him ;) ].


Remove with configuration files (purge), all old pidgin installations.
In pidgin-2.7.4 directory run:
sudo make install


Sanket( author ):