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Draft for IS code checker post

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+title: "Access Interviewstreet's Code Checker over HTTP"
+slug: "access-interviewstreets-code-checker-over-http"
+tags: api, interviewstreet
+author: crodjer
+It is nowadays customary of companies to expose parts of their infrastructure to
+the public, in the form of an (API) Application Programming Interface. Hackers
+can utilize these to develop innovative apps and products.
+I have been working over exposing an API to the internal codecheckers for
+[Interviewstreet][is] for some time. A beta version of this is up now and we are
+accepting registrations on an invite basis.
+#The API
+The API is up at [][api]. It provides a HTTP based format
+agnostic interface. You can use any of these popular formats: json, xml, yaml,
+pickle. JSON is the default. Format can be specified by appending `.<format>` to
+the url. Eg:
+for talking to the API in yaml format.
+The functionality provided is straight forward. It asks for the programming
+language (supporting over 15 languages), the program to evaluate and the
+testcases to run that code against.
+As results to the evaluation, it will tell you if the code was successfully
+compiled, how it ran against all your test cases and the outputs it generated.
+This API is pretty reliable. It is a [django][django] front end to the system
+that is used internally. It is well maintained and regularly tested. In fact,
+it has already had a successful run with Overnite, a night long programming
+event conducted under [Kshitj][ktj] (IIT Kharagpur technical Fest).
+#Developing a client
+If the language you are using supports basic HTTP request, developing a client
+to interact with the API is simple. The documentation explains how to use it
+against curl. Here is a python implementation using urllib2:
+import urllib2
+import json
+import random
+url = ''
+# A demo submission
+submission_data = {
+ 'source': 'print 111' #prints 111 in python,
+ 'hash': "your-random-submission-unique-hash",
+ 'testcases': [
+ 'case1\n',
+ 'case2\n'
+ ],
+ 'lang': 5 #This is python
+request = urllib2.Request(url)
+request.add_header('Content-type', 'application/json')
+response = urllib2.urlopen(request, json.dumps(submission_data)).read()
+key = json.loads(response)['key']
+# Getting the result
+response = urllib2.urlopen("%s&key=%s" %(url, key))
+result = json.loads(['result']
+## Do whatever with the result

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