Small, toy like projects including some python code to play with the data from a weather station, java code I used when I taught, and java, c++ and python code from my grad school classes.
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This repo has projects I'v worked on in various contexts over the years:

  • teacher - This includes a simple object-oriented Java/Swing framework for creating simple games.
  • student - This includes projects for a number of classes I took as part of my master's degree:
    • LinguisticGeometry - an implementation of Boris Stilman's heuristic for chess end-games.
    • NeuralNets - some python and ruby code
    • nlp - python implementations of algorithms in Martin and Jurafsky's book on natural language processing
    • OOD-Library in Java
    • universal_compiler - an implementation of a table-driven parser and compiler in C++
  • clojure - some toy clojure projects
  • play - some python code to read data from a weather station and populate a database. Also interfaces with weather underground.
  • misc - small programs for learning a technology or some detail