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require 'rack'
module Rack
# A Rack middleware for providing JSON-P support.
# Adapted from Flinn Mueller (
class JSONP
def initialize(app, options = {})
@app = app
@carriage_return = options[:carriage_return] || false
@callback_param = options[:callback_param] || 'callback'
@timestamp_param = options[:timestamp_param] || '_'
# Proxies the request to the application, stripping out the JSON-P
# callback method and padding the response with the appropriate callback
# format.
# Changes nothing if no <tt>callback</tt> param is specified.
def call(env)
# remove the callback and _ parameters BEFORE calling the backend, so
# that caching middleware does not store a copy for each value of the
# callback parameter
request =
callback = request.params.delete(@callback_param)
timestamp = request.params.delete(@timestamp_param)
env['QUERY_STRING'] = env['QUERY_STRING'].split("&").delete_if{|param|
param =~ /^(#{@timestamp_param}|#{@callback_param})=/
env['rack.jsonp.callback'] = callback
env['rack.jsonp.timestamp'] = timestamp
status, headers, response =
if callback && headers['Content-Type'] =~ /json/i
response = pad(callback, response)
headers['Content-Length'] = response.first.bytesize.to_s
headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/javascript'
elsif @carriage_return && headers['Content-Type'] =~ /json/i
# add a \n after the response if this is a json (not JSONP) response
response = carriage_return(response)
headers['Content-Length'] = response.first.bytesize.to_s
[status, headers, response]
# Pads the response with the appropriate callback format according to the
# JSON-P spec/requirements.
# The Rack response spec indicates that it should be enumerable. The
# method of combining all of the data into a single string makes sense
# since JSON is returned as a full string.
def pad(callback, response, body = "")
response.each do |s|
body << s.to_s.gsub("\u2028", '\u2028').gsub("\u2029", '\u2029')
def carriage_return(response, body = "")
response.each{ |s| body << s.to_s }
# Close original response if it was Rack::BodyProxy (or anything else
# responding to close, as we're going to lose it anyway), or it will cause
# thread failures with newer Rack.
def close(io)
io.close if io.respond_to?(:close)