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Dead simple Ruby Syslog logger
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A drop-in replacement for the standard Logger Ruby library, that logs to the syslog instead of a log file. Contrary to the SyslogLogger library, you can specify the facility and the syslog options.


$ gem install syslogger


require 'syslogger'

# Will send all messages to the local0 facility, adding the process id in the message
logger ="app_name", Syslog::LOG_PID, Syslog::LOG_LOCAL0)

# Optionally split messages to the specified number of bytes
logger.max_octets = 480

# Send messages that are at least of the Logger::INFO level
logger.level = Logger::INFO # use Logger levels

logger.debug "will not appear" "will appear"
logger.warn "will appear"




Copyright (c) 2010 Cyril Rohr, INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique. See LICENSE for details.

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