SoundIOSharp .NET wrapper for libsoundio
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C# .NET cross-platform library for audio input and output. Wrapper for libsoundio by andrewrk. Provides high level objective API over said library as well as exposing all functions and types available for export.

  • Fully C# Windows and Mono compatible
  • Buildable both in VisualStudio and MonoDevelop
  • No unsafe code found within main SoundIOSharp project
  • Several convenient wrappers, IEnumerable and IEquatable among them
  • Code is well documented

Interface and naming convention

  • Standard C# Microsoft naming rules
  • Each and every native soundio structure, field or function starts with 'SoundIo'
  • Almost all high level soundio classes, fields or methods starts with 'SoundIO'
  • Functions taking enum constants as arguments are found within ExtensionMethods static class
  • SoundIoFormats static class contains convenient format constants
  • Checkout samples for more info


Attached libraries in .\libs

  • libsoundio.dylib, MacOS, CoreAudio
  •, Linux x64 ALSA
  • soundio.dll, Windows x64 WASAPI

With SoundIOSharp, sample projects are provided that are based on original samples by andrewrk. Examples cover subjects of sine wave output, simple recording and device enumeration.