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Comprehensive Erlang Archive Network builder framework

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This is the CEAN framework.

Here is minimal instructions to setup a working directory.

1) make sure you have git 1.7 and zsh 4.3 installed   (tested on osx and debian)

      * Install homebrew:
      * brew install git tig
      * apt-get install git-core git-svn git-doc tig zsh
      * pacman -S git tig zsh
      * pkgin in scmgit tig zsh-4.3.10nb2

 if you need to build ejabberd, openssl latex and hevea must be installed as well.

2) get the cean framework

 there are 3 profile: mini (default), base, full. when bootstraping your working
 directory, you choose which profile you want. mini only contains compiler kernel
 stdlib and few libs. base contains most usefull libs (console). full contains all
 otp libs.

cd $HOME
git clone .cean  ($HOME/.cean is mandatory)
$HOME/.cean/bin/cean create R14 R14B03 base
if it complains about missing dependencies you will not use, just force install
$HOME/.cean/bin/cean force create R14 R14B03 base

setup your environment, and launch CEAN shell
alias cean='$HOME/.cean/bin/cean shell'
cean R14

 note: you can check generated archives into

3) let's build yaws package and install it in workdir
R14B03> package yaws
R14B03> ls src/yaws
R14B03> ls pub/src/yaws
R14B03> ls pub/bin/linux-x86_64/R14/yaws
R14B03> tar tf pub/bin/linux-x86_64/R14/yaws/yaws-1.91.epkg
R14B04> src/yaws
R14B03:yaws:master(yaws-1.91-...)> :>dirty
R14B03:yaws:master(yaws-1.91-...)> git status
R14B03:yaws:master(yaws-1.91-...)> rm dirty
R14B03:yaws:master(yaws-1.91-...)> cdr
R14B03> cean/install yaws
R14B03> ls lib/yaws-1.91
R14B03> erl
1> cean:is_installed(yaws).
2> q().

4) let's check what are available commands, get help for one of them and try
R14B03> help
R14B03> help package/depends
R14B03> package/depends yaws

4) exit the cean shell (ctrl+d)

5) create a new base working environement
$HOME/.cean/bin/cean force create $HOME/anotherR14 R14B03 full
cean $HOME/anotherR14

6) build all Erlang OTP packages
R14B04> package otp

--- deeper package handling, example for ejabberd

fetch or update sources: package/fetch ejabberd
build sources: package/build ejabberd
generate epkg for packaging: package/install ejabberd
all that in one shot: package ejabberd
all that in one shot for a tagged version: package ejabberd v2.1.5
checkout the master branch of ejabberd: package/fetch ejabberd master

install generated epkg in your local erlang installation: cean/install ejabberd
check it's installed this way:
cdr   (this change current directory to workdir root)
ls lib

list available packages: package/list
search for server packages: package/search server

--- you don't like the prompt ?

look at ~/.cean/themes
send me any contribution for inclusion

--- found an issue ?

christophe dot romain at process-one dot net
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