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Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release AFRL-2022-0566

Hack-a-Sat 2 - 2021 Final

This repository contains the open source release for the Hack-a-Sat 2 2021 final event.

Released artifacts include:

  • Source code for all challenges
  • Source code for all challenge solutions
  • Source code for flatsat software and tools
  • Source code for custom hardware boards
  • Source code for custom cFS and COSMOS deployments

Released artifacts do not include:

  • Infrastructure used to host and run the game
  • Source code for the score board
  • Hardware schematics for the custom boards
  • Hardware drawings for flatsat enclosures

Repository Structure

  • cdh_rev2 - ztex FPGA project
  • flatsat_openmsp430 - OpenMSP430 core ised to control LEON3 processor
  • flatsat - Repository to setup, manage, and control HAS2 flatsat hardware
    • 42 NASA open source space simulation tool customized for HAS2
    • board_tools Stub respository for devlopment tools for cdh
    • comms GNU radio flowgraphs for user segment and comm payload SDRs and supporting softwre. Includes source for challenge 3 and challenge 4.
    • fax Server side code for challenge 5 using Cosmos RPC APIs
    • fortytwo-mqtt-bridge Translate 42 IPC to MQTT
    • mosquitto MQTT server configuration
    • opensatkit Contains CFS source code and Cosmos ground station project. Includes source for challenge 5 and challenge 7.
  • challenges - Solutions for challenges 1-7.
  • tech papers - link


Files in this repository are provided as-is under the MIT license unless otherwise stated below or by a license header. See for more details.

42 and cFS are provided under the NOSA v1.3 license.

COSMOS is provided under the GPLv3 license.

OSK is provided under the LGPL license.

GRLIB is provided under the GPL license.

openMSP430 is provided under the BSD license.

packer-builder-arm is provided under the Apache license.

MQTT-C is provided under the MIT license.

mqtt_lib includes lib_paho which is provided under the Apache license.


Questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to hackasat[at]


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