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A simple little vagrant plugin to make it easy to rsync your shared folders.
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Bill Cromie authored

DEPRECATED! Vagrant Rsync Plugin

This is a Vagrant 1.1+ plugin that adds an rsync command to vagrant, allowing you to use a filesystem watcher to sync your shared directories with your guest machines.

DEPRECATED Due to the release of vagrant 1.5, with it's build in rsync shared folders, this plugin is no longer needed.

NOTE: This plugin requires Vagrant 1.1+, and rsync

Based off of Vagrant-Sync


  • automatically detects all shared folders, on all named machines
  • syncs em up.
  • install rsync automatically on a variety of linux based guests. (turn off with --no-install)


vagrant plugin install vagrant-rsync
vagrant rsync vm-name

The guest must be up and running.

Note: This plugin is meant for interacting with guests that are not running on your local machine. I have no idea what will happen if you are sharing with NFS or virtualbox shared folders. It might destroy all your data and turn your co-workers into angry badgers. Be forewarned.

If you'd like me to add new guests to the rsync auto-install, send me the command to install rsync, and I'll make it happen.

Can be mixed in with Guard or kicker or what-have-you to rsync whenever the host filesystem changes.

kicker -e "vagrant rsync" .
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