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Example 2 used -private rather than -public. Added description of Pub…

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Ryan Cromwell
Ryan Cromwell committed Mar 2, 2012
1 parent e7876b9 commit 3df66b2c43b92d82dc06553713e25f438ed4e333
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@@ -25,12 +25,15 @@ function New-Gist {
.Parameter Username
The Github username which will own this Gist.
+ .Parameter Public
+ When specified, the Gist will be made public. Default is private.
gist -File "Hello.js" -Description "Hello.js greets all visitors"
Publishing a public Gist
- gist -File "Hello.js" -Description "Hello.js greets all visitors" -Private
+ gist -File "Hello.js" -Description "Hello.js greets all visitors" -Public
Publishing a private Gist
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