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PlexKodiConnect (PKC)

Combine the best frontend media player Kodi with the best multimedia backend server Plex

PKC synchronizes your media from your Plex server to the native Kodi database. Hence:

  • Use virtually any other Kodi add-on
  • Use any Kodi skin, completely customize Kodi's look
  • Browse your media very fluently (cached artwork)
  • Automatically get additional artwork (more than Plex offers)
  • Use Plex features with a Kodi interface

Have a look at some screenshots to see what's possible.

Update Your PKC Repo to Receive Updates!

Unfortunately, the PKC Kodi repository had to move because it stopped working (thanks If you installed PKC before December 15, 2017, you need to MANUALLY update the repo once.


Download and Installation

Install PKC via the PlexKodiConnect Kodi repository download button just below (do NOT use the standard GitHub download!). Alternatively, add as a new Kodi Web server directory (HTTPS) source. See the github wiki installation manual for a detailed guide. Please use the stable version except if you really know what you're doing. Kodi will update PKC automatically.

Stable version Beta version
stable version beta version


Use at your own risk! This plugin assumes that you manage all your videos with Plex (and none with Kodi). You might lose data already stored in the Kodi video and music databases as this plugin directly changes them. Don't worry if you want Plex to manage all your media (like you should ;-)).

Some people argue that PKC is 'hacky' because of the way it directly accesses the Kodi database. See here for a more thorough discussion.

PKC Features

  • Support for Kodi 18 Leia, Kodi 19 Matrix, Kodi 20 Nexus
  • Preliminary support for Kodi 21 Omega. Keep in mind that development for Omega has only reached beta state - any issues you encounter are probably caused by that. Please do not use nightly versions as they tend to break stuff.
  • Skip commercials/advertisements, skip intros and skip credits
  • Amazon Alexa voice recognition
  • Cinema Trailers & Extras
  • If Plex did not provide a trailer, automatically get one using the Kodi add-on The Movie Database
  • Plex Watch Later / Plex It!
  • Plex Companion: fling Plex media (or anything else) from other Plex devices to PlexKodiConnect
  • Automatically sync Plex playlists to Kodi playlists and vice-versa
  • Plex Transcoding
  • Automatically download more artwork from, just like the Kodi addon Artwork Downloader
  • Automatically group movies into movie sets
  • Direct play from network paths (e.g. "\\server\Plex\movie.mkv"), something unique to PKC
  • Delete PMS items from the Kodi context menu
  • PKC is available in the following languages. Please help and easily translate PKC!
    • English
    • German
    • Czech, thanks @Pavuucek
    • Spanish, thanks @bartolomesoriano, @danichispa
    • Danish, thanks @FIGHT
    • Italian, thanks @nikkux, @chicco83
    • Dutch, thanks @mvanbaak
    • French, thanks @lflforce, @ahivert, @Nox71, @CotzaDev, @vinch100, @Polymorph31, @jbnitro, @Elixir59
    • Chinese Traditional, thanks @old2tan
    • Chinese Simplified, thanks @everdream
    • Norwegian, thanks @mjorud
    • Portuguese, thanks @goncalo532
    • Russian, thanks @UncleStark
    • Hungarian, thanks @savage93
    • Ukrainian, thanks @uniss
    • Lithuanian, thanks @egidusm
    • Korean, thanks @so-o-bima

Additional Artwork

PKC uses additional artwork for free from TheMovieDB. Many thanks for lettings us use the API, guys! Logo of TheMovieDB


I'm not in any way affiliated with Plex. Thank you very much for a small donation via and PayPal, Bitcoin or Ether if you appreciate PKC.
Full disclaimer: I will see your name and address if you use PayPal. Rest assured that I will not share this with anyone.


Ethereum address for donations:

Bitcoin address for donations:

Request a New Feature

Kindly leave a detailed description as a new GitHub issue.

Issues and Bugs

Have a look at the Github Issues Page. Before you open your own issue, please read How to report a bug.



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