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Manuals In Other Languages

Did you find a nice manual in another language? Then thanks for editing the Wiki and adding it here!

Important Things to Note

This software is yet under development. The idea of PKC is that you make all changes on the Plex side and then let PKC sync them to Kodi, potentially overwriting what Kodi has in its database.

You are highly discouraged to make any manual adjustments to your media on the Kodi side, such as setting artwork for movie sets. Chances are that you will have to reset/resync the Kodi database at some point, losing all your manual changes.



  • It is advisable to uninstall everything else Plex-related first, e.g. PlexBMC and PlexBMC Helper
  • PKC is not yet compatible to the Kodi plugin Video Extras. Video Extras will cause videos to start randomly
  • Don't use PKC together with Emby for Kodi
  • PKC is not and never will be compatible to Kodi MySQL databases

Installation from Repository (recommended)

This method allows for an easier installation and - above all - automatic updates.

  1. Download the PlexKodiConnect Repository for Kodi by pushing the button below. Put the file somewhere you can find it again using Kodi.
    stable version
  2. Follow this guideline to install the file you just downloaded in Kodi
  3. Install the PlexKodiConnect Video Add-On from the new PlexKodiConnect Repository you just installed. See here for a detailed walk-through
  4. You can now easily connect to your Plex Media Server: Continue with configure PKC

Why is PKC not "officially" available via the standard Kodi repository? PKC messes with your Kodi databases, something the Kodi devs don't want to support.

Beta version

If you want to help out testing, you can install the PKC beta version from the PKC beta repository. Get it here:
beta version

Some notes on using the beta version:

  • Please report bugs you find here on Github
  • You can only have either the beta version or the regular version installed
  • You can switch between beta and regular by simply uninstalling the one you don't want anymore, then install the other
  • You should not lose any data when switching from regular to beta or from beta back to the regular version (PKC sync stuff, media, metadata, PKC settings)

Manual Installation (not recommended)

You will not receive automatic updates of PlexKodiConnect.

  1. Download the dependency Kodi add-ons for both movies and tv shows: for each, hit Clone or download, then Download ZIP
  2. In Kodi, install both add-ons from ZIP file
  3. Download the actual PlexKodiConnect release ZIP file you want and put it somewhere where you can access it from Kodi: PlexKodiConnect
  4. Open the ZIP file you downloaded and make sure that the folder it contains is renamed to
  5. Use the modified ZIP file and in Kodi install it from ZIP file
  6. Within a few seconds you should be prompted to log into If you are not prompted to log into, try to restart Kodi

Configure your PKC!

It is important to customize your PKC setup so that it works like you want it to. See how to configure PKC on the first run to get you started.

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