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  1. ChemputerSoftware ChemputerSoftware Public

    Software for running the Chemputer in association with the supporting publication in Science

    Python 92 21

  2. ChemputerAntiviralXDL ChemputerAntiviralXDL Public

    XDL files for synthesising Antiviral drugs with the Chemputer

    Python 45 17

  3. assemblyphysics assemblyphysics Public

    Mathematica 42 9

  4. reaction_learning reaction_learning Public

    Jupyter Notebook 19 8

  5. Arduino-CommandHandler Arduino-CommandHandler Public

    A simple command handler for arduino - handling command from serial, string, or char by char

    C++ 16 9

  6. Paper-AssemblyTreeOfLife Paper-AssemblyTreeOfLife Public

    Code associated with the paper "Exploring and Mapping Chemical Space with Molecular Assembly Trees"

    C 14 7


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