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Firefox CSS Live Editing Plugin
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Install FireFile from your Browser (Firefox)

FireFile Firebug Extension

Firefile is a Firebug extension that allows you to save the CSS files edited with firebug live to your web server by transfering it to a server- side script, which then handles css saving. FireFile remembers all modifications done to a website (all modified css files) and, by clicking on the lower- right FireFile icon, allows you to bulk save or download all changes made.


Download the latest version from github (Download- Button) in ".zip" file format, rename to ".xpi" and open with firefox


  • Remote saving css changes

Version History

  • 0.8.8 (30.08.2011) ** Added compatibility for Firefox 6.0 (Firebug 1.8) - thanks to nightwing@github

  • 0.8.7 (15.04.2011) ** Added compatibility for Firefox 4.0

  • 0.8.6 (16.12.2010) ** feature: Added possibility to cancel changes in FireFile registered sites list (via "cancel" icon) ** feature: Added context menu option to cancel all changes made ** feature: Canceling changes also reloads the canceled css- files (and so resets the firebug changes) ** bugfix: !important declarations are no more ignored ** bugfix: FireFile changes get dismissed when context is destroyed (reload, close) ** meta: Updated Help Content (when no site is registered)

  • 0.8.5 (15.12.2010) ** First stable release

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