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BonsaiJS is a graphics library and renderer

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(previously known as bikeshedjs)

The art of bonsai tells a story through living illusion. A bonsai artist searches for ways to express his personal creativity by mixing form and thought in a miniature world. [source]


Bonsai is a JavaScript graphics library. For the finer details, see the documentation (currently in construction).

Bonsai's main features include:

  • Architecturally separated runner and renderer
  • iFrame, Worker and Node running contexts
  • Shapes
  • Paths
  • Assets (Videos, Images, Fonts, SubMovies)
  • Keyframe and regular animation (easing functions too)
  • Shape/path morphing
  • and much more...

An example

Draw a 100x200 rectangle to the stage at {0,0}:

var r = new Rect(0, 0, 100, 200).addTo(stage);

Fill it:


Change your mind... make it darker:

r.fill( color('red').darker() );

Animate it:

r.animate('400ms', {
  x: 50,
  y: 50,
  width: 200

See more here: Bonsai Documentation/Overviews.

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