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Releases: cronoh/nanovault

NanoVault 1.2.1

02 Aug 15:50
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This fixes a bug with the NanoVault 1.2.0 release which caused issues with Ledger devices. Anyone experiencing issues still with this release may need to re-import their Ledger wallet which will recreate your accounts (Alternatively, go to the Accounts page and press Hide Account until all accounts are hidden, then recreate accounts)

Apologies for this issue!

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NanoVault 1.2.0

30 Jul 00:39
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Hey everyone, this is a very small release that is necessary for working with the new Nano Node RPC v19. It also includes all of the latest updates from the web wallet. Hoping to improve on this version very soon!

  • Convert xrb_ prefix to nano_ - All of your accounts, known representatives, and address book entries will automatically be converted to use the nano_ prefix to comply with new responses from the Nano Node RPC.
  • Change Representative Detection - A new feature now checks your representatives and warns you when they should be changed (Offline, too much voting weight, etc).
    If you want to bypass the warning, just add your representative to your Known Reps list (Via the Representatives page)
  • Recommended Representatives - The Representatives page now allows you to browse and select a representative recommend by MyNanoNinja when changing reps for one or more of your accounts.
  • Fix bug that would cause pending transactions not to show up in certain situations
  • Add more warnings and information for Ledger users and Google Chrome.

NanoVault 1.1.3

08 Mar 01:48
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In an effort to get back to releasing desktop updates more frequently, version 1.1.3 is now ready which includes all of the latest updates from the web wallet. Everything seems to have gone pretty smoothly with the introduction of Ledger support on the desktop version, so this update mainly includes a few small new Quality of Life improvements. Please enjoy, and as always - let us know via GitHub Issues or Discord if you run into any issues!

  • Support for nano_ prefix - You can now use the nano_ prefix with any account when transacting. Simply replace xrb_ and leave the rest of the address the same.
  • NanoCrawler and MyNanoNinja Official Mirrors - If you run into any issues with the NanoVault node, you can now select from two new options in your App Settings to easily switch to a predefined mirror.
  • Improved Backend Detection - Your balance on the navigation is now replaced with the connection status of the node until you are connected. This should remove any scares of showing a 0 balance, while also making it easy to switch to a mirror if your current backend is not responding.
  • Minimum Receive Option - In an effort to deal with spam transactions, you can now set a Minimum Receive amount. Any transactions below this amount will be ignored by the wallet and remain pending until you change the setting.
  • Default Rep - A new option has been added so you can configure the default representative used for all newly opened accounts.
  • Wallet Override Confirmation - You will now be presented with a confirmation dialog when creating/importing a wallet while you already have one configured. This is to ensure you have the seed for your current wallet saved before it is overwritten.
  • Improved UI around mnemonic phrases when creating a new wallet
  • Fix detection of online representatives, which changed with Node RPC v18
  • Fix small bug that would not properly detect previously configured Ledger wallets on the homepage

NanoVault 1.1.2

31 Jan 02:17
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Hey everyone, an update here that is somewhat small from the user interface, but required some larger changes internally. Please enjoy and as always let us know via Discord or GitHub if you run into any issues!

  • Ledger Support: This officially adds Ledger support to the desktop version. It connects directly through your USB devices instead of using the U2F bridge added into the web browsers. It functions the same as using your Ledger on the web wallet, but now with even more added security.

  • Custom Server Configuration: Using the App Settings page, you can now configure custom backends to use with the wallet. This will allow you to use a different Nano node to communicate with the network, or use your own API and WebSocket server to have complete control over how NanoVault talks to the internet.

  • Advanced Account Control: Using the 'Advanced' toggle on the accounts page, you can now see the exact index each of your accounts has, re-order them for convenience, or enter in the account index you would like to use for complete control over which accounts on your seed should be shown (No more being locked into account 0-19!)

  • Removed option for saving the wallet in an unlocked state. This will ensure that no unencrypted version of your seed is ever stored to disk.

  • General code clean up to try and keep everything manageable for the future.

The big goal of this update was to finally disconnect the dependency of the NanoVault server/web interface from the wallet. Using this version of the desktop app, you can now finally use your Ledger device (Or normal Nano wallet) without any external server that is located on the internet. When you use the desktop application with your own custom servers, you have complete control of all your data and no third party can interfere.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please use our Discord server or the GitHub Issues - thanks!

NanoVault 1.1.0-alpha

17 Jan 05:35
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NanoVault 1.1.0-alpha Pre-release

This is the early alpha version which adds Ledger support along with some other features. Please only download this version at your own risk, and only if you have been specifically asked to do so.

Again, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION unless you have been specifically asked to

To download the stable version, look below for v1.0.4

NanoVault 1.0.4

20 Apr 17:29
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Hey everyone, thanks for all of your feedback and continued support! We have been steadily working away and have a nice big new release ready for everyone. As we have a lot of new things going in, please let us know if you run into issues at all using the GitHub issues or our Discord server. Enjoy!

  • Add full support for state blocks. When the second canary goes live, this option will be forced on automatically, no action is needed on your end. Toggle it on in the App Settings to upgrade your account chain early if you want.
  • Add locally stored and configurable representatives list, with a 'Trusted' and 'Avoid' option. Add dropdown helpers when changing representatives. (#39)
  • New representatives overview page allows you to quickly see where your voting weight is distributed and if your representatives should be changed. Also allows you to easily change the representatives for one or more of your accounts at once.
  • Track the status of the Node and show a notification and notice in the nav when the node is offline, to prevent scares of loading 0 NANO balances. (#47 #48)
  • Ability to import and export your address book from QR Code/File
  • Add support for mnemonic phrases for seeds
  • Send transactions in fiat amounts and show fiat equivalent in real time (#42)
  • Display pending transactions on account details page (#43)
  • Other small fixes around the app to make sure it continues running smooth and secure

NanoVault 1.0.3

22 Mar 07:28
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  • Desktop wallet is now served locally, so even a compromised NanoVault server cannot hurt you. Also opens the door for the offline version of the wallet. #18
  • Add current version and other helpers to menu items on Windows/Linux #24
  • Add handling for opening the app when offline #29
  • Add support for handling the xrb: protocol when clicking links #34
  • Add support for re-ordering the address book #36
  • Add new NanoVault logo #30
  • Other small bug fixes to ensure the wallet continues running smoothly

NanoVault 1.0.2

09 Mar 05:49
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  • Fixes menu items on OSX, and adds new menu options for all platforms.
  • Fixes icons on some platforms.
  • Initial test of the automated update - hopefully you didn't need to download this version if you already have NanoVault installed!

NanoVault 1.0.1

08 Mar 03:31
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  • New NanoVault icons
  • Add auto-update ability, so new updates will be applied when you open the application.
  • All of the latest updates from the normal wallet

NanoVault 1.0.0

15 Feb 07:37
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Initial re-release of NanoVault for desktop!

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with all the latest features from the normal NanoVault wallet.