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@cronoh cronoh released this Mar 8, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

In an effort to get back to releasing desktop updates more frequently, version 1.1.3 is now ready which includes all of the latest updates from the web wallet. Everything seems to have gone pretty smoothly with the introduction of Ledger support on the desktop version, so this update mainly includes a few small new Quality of Life improvements. Please enjoy, and as always - let us know via GitHub Issues or Discord if you run into any issues!

  • Support for nano_ prefix - You can now use the nano_ prefix with any account when transacting. Simply replace xrb_ and leave the rest of the address the same.
  • NanoCrawler and MyNanoNinja Official Mirrors - If you run into any issues with the NanoVault node, you can now select from two new options in your App Settings to easily switch to a predefined mirror.
  • Improved Backend Detection - Your balance on the navigation is now replaced with the connection status of the node until you are connected. This should remove any scares of showing a 0 balance, while also making it easy to switch to a mirror if your current backend is not responding.
  • Minimum Receive Option - In an effort to deal with spam transactions, you can now set a Minimum Receive amount. Any transactions below this amount will be ignored by the wallet and remain pending until you change the setting.
  • Default Rep - A new option has been added so you can configure the default representative used for all newly opened accounts.
  • Wallet Override Confirmation - You will now be presented with a confirmation dialog when creating/importing a wallet while you already have one configured. This is to ensure you have the seed for your current wallet saved before it is overwritten.
  • Improved UI around mnemonic phrases when creating a new wallet
  • Fix detection of online representatives, which changed with Node RPC v18
  • Fix small bug that would not properly detect previously configured Ledger wallets on the homepage
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