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A sprite editor for terminal application. ASCII Art, UTF8 Art & ANSI Art are supported.
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Leet Editor, a.k.a. LeetEd

A sprite editor for terminal application. ASCII Art, UTF8 Art & ANSI Art are supported.

  • License: MIT
  • Current status: alpha


Use Node Package Manager:

npm install leeted -g

Then just run it, and have fun:

leeted my-sprite


Any regular key pressed is written down.

This is the list of special keys:

  • CTRL-C: Quit
  • CTRL-S: Save file
  • Arrow: Move the cursor
  • CTRL-Arrow: resize the sprite by moving the lower-right corner
  • SHIFT-Arrow: resize the sprite by moving the upper-left corner
  • ALT-Arrow: change the writing direction
  • ALT-SPACE / ALT-SHIFT-SPACE: in place editing, do not move the cursor after writing a char
  • F1: Next hint
  • F5: Previous foreground color
  • F6: Next foreground color
  • F7: Previous background color
  • F8: Next background color
  • F9: Previous editor's background's background color
  • F10: Next editor's background's background color
  • ALT-Q: Previous editor's background's foreground color
  • ALT-W: Next editor's background's foreground color
  • ALT-E: Change the editor's background's character to the next typed character
  • CTRL-SPACE: only put the currents editing attributes, without changing the character
  • ALT-SHIFT-F: Fill with the current foreground color
  • ALT-SHIFT-G: Fill with the current background color
  • ALT-SHIFT-Y: Fill with the current style
  • ALT-T: Toggle all transparencies
  • ALT-F: Toggle foreground transparency
  • ALT-G: Toggle background transparency
  • ALT-Y: Toggle style transparency
  • ALT-C: Toggle character transparency
  • ALT-B: Toggle bold
  • ALT-D: Toggle dim
  • ALT-I: Toggle italic
  • ALT-U: Toggle underline
  • ALT-K: Toggle blink
  • ALT-N: Toggle inverse
  • ALT-H: Toggle hidden
  • ALT-S: Toggle strike
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