A Usenet spamfilter written in Python
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PyClean.py - A Usenet spamfilter intended for use with the INN2 server.

PyClean performs a similar role to the original Perl-based Cleanfeed.  Its core
functionality can be adjusted through settings in the pyclean.cfg file, while
other config files control specific filter and logging behaviour.  Examples of
these files can be found in the pyclean/samples directory.

By default the configuration takes a cautious approach, assuming that
under-filtering is better than accidental removal of valid posts.  The
pyclean.log file provides a real-time overview of filter actions so rules can
be tweaked where required.  In addition, entire articles can be saved to files
via rules defined in the pyclean/etc/log_rules file.

Please remember to configure the local_hosts file to contain a list of
injecting-hosts that are under the operator's control.  This file determines
whether articles are matched against bad_* or local_bad_* rule files.