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Find personal messages in an encrypted Usenet shared mailbox.
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aam2mail - A utility for extracting anonymous email from a shared mailbox

aam2mail is a Posix utility, written in Python. Use it to retrieve encrypted,
anonymized messages from the Usenet newsgroup alt.anonymous.messages. It
searches the Newsgroup for messages with a matching Subject that can be
plain-text, esub or hsub encoded.  When a hit is found, the message is
retrieved and stored in either Maildir or mbox format for processing with a
standard mail client.  The utility does not perform PGP decryption of messages.
This function is left to the MUA of choice (Mutt is highly recommended).

aam2mail can be run as a console utility or as a standalone Daemon.  The later
is strongly recommended (after brief testing).  In either mode, messages and
errors are written to logfiles aam2mail.log and aam2mail.err.

This is beta software and may occasionally crash.  Please provide feedback,
including Traceback details if available.  Your efforts will help improve
future releases of the application.  Please see the CHANGES file for details of
updates between releases.  If you'd like to get involved in development
activities, the repository, containing development versions, can be found at:

This application is released under the GPL license.  Please see the included
LICENSE file for Terms & Conditions of its usage.

Copyright (C) 2012 Steve Crook <>
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