Adapation of the Arkestra image plugin, simply for djangoCMS
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This is the forked image plugin form

It is designed to work as a plugin with django CMS

This plugin is in early stages of development, and hopefully soon it will be available as a standanlone single plugin for the CMS, but currently it is formed as 3 applications.

Documentation & support

As of yet there isn't any, but I will respond to all issues raised on this page, the work created by the Arkestra guys is truly amazing and hopefully soon this plugin will be used in nearly every CMS installation.


This plugin will scale and crop images automatically, preserving important detail.

It will also makes intelligent use of images, it can associate images with other objects, displaying them automatically as required, resizing them for different purposes.

Images can also be inserted manually into content using a flexible and sophisticated plugin which also calculates appropriate sizes.

It uses image metadata to work out which parts of the image are most significant.