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File metadata and controls

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Application Menu

The Application Menu is accessed by clicking the Tablet icon (the red globe) located on the left-hand side of the :doc:`ribbon_bar`. The menu contains the following options.


Displays the :doc:`open_assembly` dialog, which prompts you for the files required to open your assembly data. Hovering the mouse over the option also displays a list of recently accessed assemblies.


Save is a placeholder option for possible future functionality.

Save As

Save As is a placeholder option for possible future functionality.

Export Image

Allows you to export the current view (reads visualization) as a PNG image saved to disk.

Export Coverage Summary

Allows you to export a summary of the coverage across all contigs of the currently loaded assembly. This exports a list of contigs with the coverage value for each base of the consensus. There is an additional config file (called printPads) which allows you to choose if padded bases have their coverage output. This defaults to true.


Closes any currently open assembly and returns to the Tablet front page.

Additional options

The following additional options are also provided by the Application Menu (although only Exit Tablet is provided when running under OS X - About Tablet and Tablet Options can both be found on the Tablet system menu).

  • About Tablet
    Displays an information dialog providing Tablet version, copyright and author details.
  • Tablet Options
    Displays the :doc:`tablet_options` dialog that allows you to adjust various Tablet settings.
  • Exit Tablet
    Closes any current assembly and exits the application.