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Password generator

Password generator is a little program that generates complex and secure REPETABLE passwords, by using words easy for you to remember.

This is NOT a random password generator!
Instead, it's more like a password manager... that doesn't store your passwords.

The program runs in the browser. The generator server is written in Python and you can run it on your computer, or in the cloud. Eg: on dotCloud or python-anywhere.
I have already deployed pwd_gen on dotCloud.

There are two methods to generate passwords:

  • text - you type the name of a site or a program you want to generate a password for AND a short key, easy to remember. The password is generated from the 2 words you typed;
  • graphical - you draw on a little canvas, using a few colors. The password is generated based on you drawing.

A few print screens:

screen 1
screen 2
screen 3