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Chromium OS Custom Build Release: Home page

Chromium OS 53.0.2785.154 (Platform version: 8530.96.0)

See Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

USB Image (x86): download

R53-8530.96.2016_10_10_2120.img.zip ( 558430628byte: md5 , gpg , KEY)

USB Image (x86: MBR format): download

R53-8530.96.2016_10_10_2120_MBR.img.zip ( 1107042075byte: md5 , gpg , KEY )

Notice: This image is for old PCs which can not recognize a USB memory of GPT partition format.

QEMU/KVM Image (x86:raw Format): download

R53-8530.96.2016_10_10_2120_qemu.img.zip ( 1080366464byte: md5 , gpg , KEY )

VirtualBox Image (x86:VDI Format): download

R53-8530.96.2016_10_10_2120.vdi.zip ( 1080881394byte: md5 , gpg , KEY)

VMWare Player Image (x86:VMDK Format): download

R53-8530.96.2016_10_10_2120.vmdk.zip ( 1080108594byte: md5 , gpg , KEY)

boot cd iso image: download

bootable.iso ( 2000896bytes: md5 )

Notice: This ISO image is not the installation media of Chromium OS. You can use this with the PC which cannot start from USB memory. You can use it with the installation media of the USB memory.

Image file for cleaning USB Memory : download

clear_usb.img ( 262144byte: [md5](https://github.com/crosbuilder/CustomBuilds/release