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Chromium OS Custom Build Release: Home page

Chromium OS 54.0.2840.101 (Platform version: 8743.85.0)

See Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

USB Image (x86): download

R54-8743.85.2016_11_19_2349.img.zip ( 568081999byte: md5 , gpg , KEY)

USB Image (x86: MBR format): download

R54-8743.85.2016_11_19_2349_MBR.img.zip ( 1126266522byte: md5 , gpg , KEY )

Notice: This image is for old PCs which can not recognize a USB memory of GPT partition format.

QEMU/KVM Image (x86:raw Format): download

R54-8743.85.2016_11_19_2349_qemu.img.zip ( 1103349461byte: md5 , gpg , KEY )

VirtualBox Image (x86:VDI Format): download

R54-8743.85.2016_11_19_2349.vdi.zip ( 1097958924byte: md5 , gpg , KEY)

VMWare Player Image (x86:VMDK Format): download

R54-8743.85.2016_11_19_2349.vmdk.zip ( 1097712574byte: md5 , gpg , KEY)

boot cd iso image: download