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This is a simple hello world

This is just some example how to use cmake, C++, Objective-C, Swift and Java together with djinni. It does nothing interesting or useful, just demonstrate a possible project setup.

Early state, just MacOS support, since it's more Objective-C / Swift focused.

Getting started

Install conan, if you do not have it already

Clone this directory and change into it

git clone

cd xlcpp-hello

Install dependencies:

conan install -if build conanfile.txt --build missing

This will download the djinni generator and the support-lib from the conan center index. The support-lib needs to be build, because this example activates multiple language bindings at once.

Build the project

cmake -S . -B build -G Ninja
cmake --build build

Run the test

cmake --build build --target test

Now you can start playing with the code and build.

Some implementation detail.

The usage of the djinni generator is opinionated. All public headers are generated into an extra folder, cmake install and so a binary delivery could easily be done.

The file generation happens during cmake configure time. If you change the djinni idl file, the output folder (generated) will be removed, and all files will be re-generated. This ensures no artifacts stay on disk after renaming a class.

A file is generated into the build folder, setting some variable names, and this file gets included. The variable names contain the source files, they re added to the library target.

For the rest, it's best to look at the source and the cmake files, it's tried to be kept as simple as possible.


A small example showing the usage if djinni together with cmake and conan






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