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Oct 6, 2019

AutobahnJS - Browser build

This repository contains the built and released browser versions of AutobahnJS ready for use in your project.


Using plain

Copy the autobahn.min.js file to your Web server. Done.

You can also use the autobahn.min.jgz compressed version, but then need to make sure your Web server sets the required HTTP headers on responses delivering the file to a browser:

Content-Type: application/javascript
Content-Encoding: gzip

Using with npm

The browser version is published to npm under the name autobahn-browser. Install with:

npm install autobahn-browser

Note: the NodeJS version of Autobahn continues to be published under the name autobahn.

Using with Bower

Install with bower:

bower install autobahn

Add a <script> tag to your index.html:

<script src="/bower_components/autobahnjs/autobahn.min.js"></script>

To list available versions of AutobahnJS:

bower info autobahn