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This version of the Votes demo offers a frontend written using Kivy, in addition to a browser frontend.

web and kivy frontends

Regular startup

In the demo folder do

crossbar start

and then open


to see the browser frontend.

Additional Requirements

For the kivy frontend you need to install kivy (big surprise, although take care to choose a Python2.7 version since this demo uses Twisted, currently Python2 only) - follow the instructions at the project website.

You then need to install Autobahn|Python and its dependencies - for kivy:

In the kivy folder, using the Python as setup by kivy, do

  • on Mac OSX
kivy -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • on other systems
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: To use Python with kivy's setup e.g. on Windows go to the kivy folder, execute kivy-X.x.bat ( where X.x is the Python version you downloaded kivy for), which opens a command shell with the environment set to use the correct Python. Then navigate to the Votes demo folder and execute the above command.

Then start the kivy Votes frontend by doing

(Mac OSX)




This connects to the locally running and backend, just like the browser frontend mentioned above.

Use either frontend to increase/reset the vote count, and see this updated immediately in the other frontend.

The code has proven to run as an Android app as well. Refer to Create a package for Android and buildozer docs to find out how.

Thanks to Roger Erens for providing this example!