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Payload Encryption with

How to run

Open a first terminal and start from this directory:

crossbar start will log a lot, since WAMP traffic tracing is enabled. This is to demonstrate that with end-to-end encryption enabled, the router cannot read the app payload anymore.

Then, open a second terminal and start the


This runs a WAMP client connected to above router, register a couple of procedures, as well as subscribe to some topics.

Now, open a third terminal and start the


This runs a WAMP client connected to the same router again, calls the procedures in, as well as publishes to topics that subscribed to.

The call arguments, results or errors, as well as event payloads are end-to-end encrypted, and cannot be read in

The log will have lines like this

2015-12-29T00:50:05+0100 [Router      13334] >>RX>> WAMP PUBLISH Message (request = 15, topic = com.myapp.hello, args = None, kwargs = None, acknowledge = True, exclude_me = False, exclude = None, eligible = None, disclose_me = True, enc_algo = cryptobox, enc_key = None, enc_serializer = json, payload = +0uiR25DoPlnjina64/T1NxrUFIWtw+qTJznszqd..)

for encrypted messages. Here, the router has received ("RX") a WAMP PUBLISH message that was encrypted with algorithm enc_algo = cryptobox.

When you see log lines that have enc_algo = None, these are WAMP messages received or sent by which are not encrypted.

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