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README.rst is an open source networking platform for distributed and microservice applications. It implements the open Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP), is feature rich, scalable, robust and secure. Let take care of the hard parts of messaging so you can focus on your app's features.


Docker images

JSON Schema for Configuration File Format

We now have a JSON Schema file available for config.json, if you're using VSCode you can make use of this by adding the following to your VSCode settings; (File -> Preferences -> Settings)

"json.schemas": [
        "fileMatch": [
        "url": ""

Alternatively, the generic approach is to insert a "$schema" line at the top of your file;

    "$schema": "",
    "version": 2,

This file is currently experimental, but it should give you contextual auto-completion on all Crossbar config.json syntax, use CTRL+Space in VSCode to activate IntelliSense.

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