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Version 1, 3 October 2015
Copyright (c) Technologies GmbH <>
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this
license document, but changing it is not allowed.
As recent court decisions in the Oracle vs. Google case have shown, APIs
are copyrighted under US law. Open source licenses do not deal
explicitly with the copyright in APIs.
In order to give you certainty about your rights regarding the APIs
implemented by the code in this project and how they may affect your
rights in the code itself, we add this explicit API copyright license
regarding the APIs implemented in
Nothing in this license is intended to take away rights which the
open source license to the Program grants you.
The following does not apply to the WAMP meta API as
implements it.
Definitions Technologies (We/Us) - Technologies GmbH, Germany
Program - The WAMP router and any associated code contained
in its repository.
API - An interaction surface for external code with the Program, as
intended by the contributors to the Program. An API is defined
through and described in the Program documentation. A Program may
implement more than one API.
User (You) - Any user who has receive the Program in accordance with
the conditions of the Program's open source license, and is using
the Program in accordance with the provisions of said license.
License Terms
The following terms apply to the Program's APIs as far as We hold the
copyright in these APIs.
We grant You a license to use the Program's API as part of your usage
of the Program.
In addition to usage of the unmodified program, Your usage may include
modifying the Program in ways which
* do not change the APIs,
* correct errors in the implemention of the APIs in the Program, where
an error is a deviation from the API definition and documentation, or
* remove those parts of the Program implementing the APIs.
Licensed usage does not include modifying the program
* in ways which change the APIs, or
* to extend the APIs.
Extending an API includes implementing roles for API calls which the
implemented API does not support, e.g. implementing the caller role for
an API call where only an endpoint for this call is implemented.
API Identification
The APIs include all procedures, events and errors which employ
URIs having "crossbar." as a prefix.
To help in identifying the copyrighted APIs within, we include a
listing of such URIs in the file "" in the "legal" folder of
this repository. The listing in this file does not constitute a definition
of the API, and may omit some URIs, be outdated or otherwise in conflict with
the actual currently implemented API.