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A node library for Pusher API


$ npm install node-pusher

How to use

var Pusher = require('node-pusher');

var pusher = new Pusher({

var channel = 'lobby';
var event = 'message';
var data = {
  from: 'Jaewoong',
  content: 'Hello, World'

// (optional) socket_id is used to prevent getting message for myself
var socket_id = '1302.1081607';

pusher.trigger(channel, event, data, socket_id, function(err, req, res) {
  // do something (this callback is optional)

// auth function returns the object with the auth field which can be returned from our sever
// to authorize the socket to subscribe to a private or presence channel
pusher.auth(socket_id, channel, channelData);


This library is based on the work of Christian Bäuerlein and his library pusher


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.

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