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The CNCF ecosystem is large, diverse and continues to grow. CNCF would like to ensure cross-project interoperability of all cloud native technologies and show the daily status of builds, deployments and end-to-end tests on a status dashboard.

What is CNCF.CI?

The CNCF.CI project consists of a cross-cloud testing system, status repository server and a dashboard. The cross-cloud testing system has 3 components (build, cross-cloud, cross-project) that continually validate the interoperability of each CNCF project for any commit on stable and head on a bare metal test environment. The cross-cloud testing system can reuse existing artifacts from a project’s preferred CI system or generate new build artifacts. The status repository server collects the test results and the dashboard displays them.

The CNCF.CI project is composed of 3 main components:

  1. Cross-cloud testing system:
  • Build Pipeline Stage per project (optional, can use project’s build artifacts)
    • Compiles binaries
    • Creates containers
  • Cloud Provisioning Pipeline Stage, aka Cross-cloud
    • Deploys K8s onto the bare metal test environment
  • App Deployment Pipeline Stage, aka Cross-project
    • Deploys containerized apps onto Kubernetes
    • Runs upstream e2e tests for each project
    • Supplies results to the dashboard
  1. Status Repository Server

    • Stores the interoperability status of CNCF projects
  2. CNCF.CI Dashboard

    • Displays a high-level view of the interoperability status of CNCF projects

How to use the Cross-Cloud CI Project

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Integrating, testing, and deploying projects within the CNCF ecosystem. Results published daily to the CNCF CI Dashboard.





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