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Fully automated Gentoo kernel ebuild


Use layman to add the gentoo-kernel overlay.

layman -a kernel

Update your /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords to enable the testing package. Replace amd64 with your own architecture.

sys-kernel/gentoo-kernel ~amd64

Build and install the kernel. Repeate this step whenever you install new packages with new kernel module requirements.

emerge -av gentoo-kernel

Technical notes

The following steps are automated by the gentoo-kernel package. Some of the automation can be turned off using package use flags.

  • Configuration using /etc/kconfig/rules installed with the kernel-tools package.
  • Magic configuration using metadata of already installed packages.
  • Kernel and initramfs build and installation.
  • Update of the /usr/src/linux symlink.
  • GRUB bootloader configuration update.

Note: The kernel package conflicts with the kernel source package of the same version.


Pavel Šimerda