Ecore model for the EU-rent car rentals specification
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The contents of this repository demonstrate the execution of OCL invariants, derived attributes and model queries on the basis of the EU-rent car rentals specification. This repository has three subprojects, i.e., emf-ocl-interpreter, emf-ocl-java, crossecore-java Each project contains source code generated from the same Ecore model. However, the way how OCL expressions are executed differs in every subproject as described in the corresponding sections.

For example, consider the following OCL invariant:

context Quote inv QuoteOverZero: self.value > 0


Uses EMF's OCL interpreter to execute OCL expressions at runtime (default option "Realisation of OCL embedded within Ecore models" set to "Delegate for interpretation at run-time")

public boolean validateQuote_QuoteOverZero(Quote quote, DiagnosticChain diagnostics, Map<Object, Object> context) {

Well, there is not much to see here. What happens in the background is that the constraint is read from the EAnnotation of the EClass Quote as a string and parsed into an ExpressionInOCL object, which is then traversed and evaluated by a BasicEvaluationVisitor


Executes Java code generated from OCL expressions by EMF's code generator (option "Realisation of OCL embedded within Ecore models" set to "Generate Java Code in *Impl classes")

public boolean QuoteOverZero(final DiagnosticChain diagnostics, final Map<Object, Object> context) {
	 * inv QuoteOverZero:
	 *   let severity : Integer[1] = 'Quote::QuoteOverZero'.getSeverity()
	 *   in
	 *     if severity <= 0
	 *     then true
	 *     else
	 *       let result : Boolean[1] = self.value > 0
	 *       in
	 *         'Quote::QuoteOverZero'.logDiagnostic(self, null, diagnostics, context, null, severity, result, 0)
	 *     endif
	final /*@NonInvalid*/ Executor executor = PivotUtilInternal.getExecutor(this);
	final /*@NonInvalid*/ IntegerValue severity_0 = CGStringGetSeverityOperation.INSTANCE.evaluate(executor, EurentTables.STR_Quote_c_c_QuoteOverZero);
	final /*@NonInvalid*/ boolean le = OclComparableLessThanEqualOperation.INSTANCE.evaluate(executor, severity_0, EurentTables.INT_0).booleanValue();
	/*@NonInvalid*/ boolean symbol_0;
	if (le) {
		symbol_0 = ValueUtil.TRUE_VALUE;
	else {
		final /*@NonInvalid*/ int value = this.getValue();
		final /*@NonInvalid*/ IntegerValue BOXED_value = ValueUtil.integerValueOf(value);
		final /*@NonInvalid*/ boolean result = OclComparableGreaterThanOperation.INSTANCE.evaluate(executor, BOXED_value, EurentTables.INT_0).booleanValue();
		final /*@NonInvalid*/ boolean logDiagnostic = CGStringLogDiagnosticOperation.INSTANCE.evaluate(executor, TypeId.BOOLEAN, EurentTables.STR_Quote_c_c_QuoteOverZero, this, (Object)null, diagnostics, context, (Object)null, severity_0, result, EurentTables.INT_0).booleanValue();
		symbol_0 = logDiagnostic;
	return Boolean.TRUE == symbol_0;


Executes Java code generated from OCL expressions by CrossEcore's code generator.

public boolean QuoteOverZero(org.eclipse.emf.common.util.DiagnosticChain diagnostics, java.util.Map<Object, Object> context)
  return this.getValue() > 0;