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Testing Moped

Generally, all you'll need to do to test moped is pull down the repository, bundle, and run rake.

What follows are some additional notes for running more complete tests.

Testing against MongoHQ

Part of Moped's test suite runs against MongoHQ. This tests the authentication code, as well as testing against a real replica set.

If you want to run this portion of the suite, email durran (at) gmail (dot) com for the credentials.

Testing Networking on OS X

If you're on OS X and working with the networking code in Moped, you should also run the tests against a travis environment. Here's how I got set up for this:

cd ~/code
mkdir travis
cd travis
git clone
git clone

cd travis-boxes
thor travis:init

cat > config/worker.yml
    - rvm
    - rvm::multi
    - sweeper
    - mongodb

thor travis:box:build ruby

cd ~/code/moped
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant